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If you’re a parent, you know how dramatically your life changes after your first baby enters this world.  I felt love for this incredible tiny person that I had never felt before.  And then I felt exhaustion like I never had felt before.  I couldn’t get a shower in let alone think about food and working out, but this week Stay Fit Mom is bringing you a NEW mom who is doing amazing things, not only as a mother, but as a role model in the health and fitness community!

Inspirational Mommies- Moms who balance family life with fitness

Meet Lindsay.  She’s a new mom from Columbus, OH. She and her husband have been married 6.5 years and their first baby was born at the end of October 2014.  She runs her very own blog, The Lean Green Bean, where she loves to share healthy recipes, nutrition tips, workouts and more!  I love seeing Lindsay inspire other moms on Instagram!  She’s often posting her WOD {Workout of the Day} results and she gives us all a little glimpse into the joys of motherhood as she’s experiencing it all!  We had a chance to interview Lindsay, and we just love what she had to say!  Her advice is spot on!

Healthy Mom = Healthy family!  I loved getting inspired by new moms each week on


Stay Fit Mom:  How and why do you incorporate workouts into your busy schedule as a mom?

Healthy Mom = Healthy family! I loved getting inspired by new moms each week on


Lindsay:  I make fitness a priority because I know it makes me a better mom. Since I work from home, getting to my CrossFit box is typically the most interaction I physically have with other people throughout the week. Leaving the house for an hour-long workout a few times a week gives me a break from the baby, helps clear my mind, and gets my endorphins pumping!  I come back refreshed and happy.  And if baby decides me leaving the house just isn’t happening on certain days, I still make it a priority to head down to the basement and lift a little bit or do a quick workout once he goes to bed.

Stay Fit Mom:  What type of foods do you and don’t you eat?  Do you follow a specific diet?

Lindsay:  I don’t follow a specific diet. I try to eat real, whole foods as much as possible and limit the amount of packaged foods I buy. I aim to get protein in every meal and snack and eat lots of fruits, veggies, whole grains and healthy fats. And I’m not afraid to eat dessert! I strive for balance and moderation.

Healthy Mom = Healthy family! I loved getting inspired by new moms each week on

Stay Fit Mom:  What’s your biggest struggle, when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle?

Lindsay:  Getting enough sleep and balancing work and family time. Working online and from home means I pretty much have access to work 24/7. Sometimes it’s hard to draw the line  at a typical “work day” and I have to work really hard to make sure work doesn’t creep into family time.

Stay Fit Mom:  What makes balancing health, fitness, and being a mom of a little one WORTH it?

Lindsay:  They’re your biggest fan and you’re their biggest role model. It’s important to me that my husband and I show Chase from a young age how important it is to make healthy food and fitness part of his life. I know that by setting a good example for him, he’ll be more likely to form his own good habits and carry them with him throughout his life.

Stay Fit Mom:  What’s your biggest piece of advice for women who want to incorporate health and fitness into their lives?

Lindsay:  Find something you love. Just because someone else is running 10 miles before work or doing CrossFit 4x per week doesn’t mean you should be too. Finding something you love makes it much more likely you’ll make time for it and stick with it!

Healthy Mom = Healthy family! I loved getting inspired by new moms each week on

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