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Meet our newest Mom Crush, Felisha Vasquez!  Felisha caught my eye on Instagram a few months back because of her high energy, spunky attitude, and contagious smile.  I instantly fell in love with her super fun dance videos in her garage gym and knew she had to be one of our upcoming mom crushes!
 Fit Mom's share how they get fit and stay motivated
Felisha is a married momma of 2 adorable kids ages 4 and 11 months.  Felisha’s husband is in the military so they relocate every few years.  When I reached out to Felisha about answering all of our questions she was kind enough to do so while on the road to their new home in Alaska!Fit Moms share how they manage being a mom and staying fit and healthy.
SFM:  We know you have a cute story about how you met your husband, can you share it with us?
Felisha: I met my husband in Missouri at our first base. He was a firefighter and I worked at the front desk of the hotel on base.  One day I thought our copy machine caught fire so I  had to call the fire department!  The rest is history!
SFM: Where does your love of health and fitness originate from?
Felisha: I never really truly cared about health or fitness until after my firstborn.  After having my son I learned that eating to fuel my body instead of eating to comfort it was necessary.  After having our second baby I decided to be a stay at home mommy because that was best for us.
SFM: We love your positive, energetic Instagram account, o_fishaleefitness.  What inspired you to start it?
Felisha: I truthfully started my Instagram account because it helps keep me accountable, motivated, and consistent.  I have a personal Instagram but felt it easier and more motivating to have a fitness and health only account.  It helps me keep track of all my fitness related posts and is an easy way to look at my progress and keep myself motivated.
SFM: What inspires you? What motivates you everyday to make healthy choices and workout on a regular basis?
Felisha: The thing I love about fitness accounts and having a FITFAM is that each and every one inspires and motivates me one way or another.  If I’m feeling down or crumby I can jump on Instagram and be instantly uplifted, motivated and inspired to do something good with my day! I love meeting new people and encouraging them as they encourage me.  The way a great workout makes me feel is what motivates me to workout daily.  I always feel so much better after I workout and honestly I’m sorta addicted to the feeling of bettering my body! I typically CRAVE a good workout and lift session.
SFM: We know you are making a big move to Alaska, how are you balancing everything you have going on right now while still sticking to your goals?
Felisha: During this hectic move I’ve just been really sticking to eating right, ordering healthier options while dining out on the road and drinking plenty of water (even though I may have to stop to pee more often! lol).  Rest stops are my BFF on the road too! I’ll stop and do push-ups, sprints, jumping jacks and just simple little things to raise my heart rate. During the stays at the hotel I’m able to do body weight workouts and I also brought furniture sliders for workouts to add a little variety. With the limited time we have traveling I haven’t had time to workout as much as I would like but I’ve been sticking to fueling my body right so that helps a lot!
 Fit Moms share how they manage being a mom and staying fit and healthy.
SFM: We know you do most, if not all your fitness routine at home.  Is there any specific reason?
Felisha: I absolutely LOVE working out at home for the simple fact that it’s so convenient. I do like going to the gym because a there’s more of a variety of weights to play with but without daycare available it’s a little harder to take the kids. So, I have found that home workouts are best for our schedule.
SFM: How do you find balance between being a mom yet taking the time to care for yourself?
Felisha: On a typical day it’s not hard to find the time to workout because it’s a passion for me and I want to do it.  I typically workout during nap times. If my kids don’t want to nap they can play in the garage while I workout. Our favorite thing is to pause for dance parties! My son loves our workout time! He enjoys running, “lifting”, and  just being active. He is also my little cheerleader that keeps me motivated. If we haven’t made it to the garage yet in the day he will be sure to say, “Mom, we gonna go to the garage and workout today!?” If the kids are sick I can always find time to do SOMETHING in the living room.
SFM: What are some things you do to relieve mommy stress?
Felisha: Relieving mommy stress is easier said than done most days. No joke. Working out IS my stress reliever. A good dose of dark chocolate & a little wine helps too though.
 Fit Mom's share how they get fit and stay motivated
SFM: What is your diet like?  (any specific meal plans, diet, calorie counting, etc. that  you do?)
Felisha: My diet is pretty much anything I want to eat.  Thanks to LEDBETTER INC. I was given knowledge on macro plans and what my body needs. I track my macros with MyFitnessPal.  Most everything I eat is clean, full of veggies, lean proteins and healthy carbs. I don’t focus too much on calories but I try to keep track of my proteins, fats, and carbs.  However, days I train hard or lift heavy I make sure to keep my calories within a certain range.
SFM: Can you share with us what you might typically eat in a day?
Felisha: Breakfast- Egg whites, spinach, 1/2 English muffin, and Greek yogurt.
Lunch- Tuna, iceberg lettuce, veggies, and salad with almonds.
Dinner- It varies depending on if my hubs is home from work or not.  I’m not a huge fan of red meats, but I do love seafood and chicken.  I like to eat chickpeas, black beans and spinach.
Snacks- I like Slap Whey shakes (because they have 25g protein, 0 carbs, and 0 sugars, which fits my macros nicely!) I also like to snack on fruits, nuts, veggies, Greek yogurt or rice cakes with peanut butter.
SFM: Are there any foods you just can’t resist or have a hard time saying no to?
Felisha: It is HARD to resist candy!!! I’m big on making chickpea blondies, black bean brownies, or quest bar cookies! They tend to satisfy my sweet tooth.
 Fit Moms share how they manage being a mom and staying fit and healthy.
SFM: Any advice for other women/mothers out there who need a little push in the right direction?
Felisha: Don’t be afraid to start and never give up!!! Every little change helps. Start drinking more water, eat more veggies, do jumping jacks, turn music on full blast and have a dance party!! Most importantly get that heart rate up and get movin!  Every change and every step is a step towards living each day better!!
Thank you so much to Felisha for sharing her workout and healthy living routine with us!  We love featuring moms on our website who accomplish great things and inspire others.  If you know someone who would be a great addition to our growing list of Mom Crushes email [email protected] or tag us on social media!

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