Leaving Birthday Party Stress Behind

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I’ll never forget my oldest’s first birthday party. It was a cowboy theme and I brought out all the stops. I’m talking vinyl letters from the Cricut Machine and handmade with love table decorations along with matching gift bags. While it was beautiful, my most prominent memory of the Etsy extravaganza was how relieved I was it was over.

Listen, if planning, preparing and decorating for birthday parties is your jam… sister, you LIVE THAT OUT and the rest of us will enjoy your efforts to the fullest! But if it’s not… if instead the thought of birthday party decor and the vinyl cricut machine makes you want to take one big nap, this post and Defy Las Vegas is for you!

Let me walk you through the most stress free birthday party we’ve experienced step by step.

  1. See instagram post in my feed for Rent the Park at Defy Las Vegas.
  2. Call and pick a date.
  3. Send text messages to family/friends explaining date/time.
  4. Confirm final count to Defy Las Vegas Birthday Party Planner 72 hours before.
  5. Order Pizza from Sams Club.
  6. Pick up Cake and waters from Smiths.
  7. Show up.
Eliminating birthday party stress with Defy Las Vegas

And the very best part? My boys said it was their favorite birthday party they’ve EVER had. “Me too,” was all I could say in return.

Defy Las Vegas was extremely accommodating and friendly. The venue was clean and cleaned thoroughly after us. They set up and took down the tablecloths they provided. Not only was it convenient and tons of fun, but also very affordable. Pure magic is how we all described the day!

If you’ve got an upcoming birthday party or event contact Defy Las Vegas to rent the park TODAY. You will not regret it. You can find when Defy Las Vegas is open to the public for regular jump hours HERE.

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