Instant Pot Black Beans

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If you aren’t making your own beans, you’re missing out. Trust me when I say, it’s so easy! I’ve made pinto beans for years now, and my whole family loves them. We can’t have a taco night without them. I finally picked up some black beans at the store last week so I could try them using the same method in my pressure cooker that I’ve used for my pinto beans for many years. Wow! They cooked perfectly and they’re really delicious. These Instant Pot black beans are a must try!

No soak beans in 1 hour! #stayfitmom #instantpotrecipe #beans

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Do NOT cook beans in your slow cooker

All dry beans contain a compound called lectin. Your beans must reach a certain temperature to destroy this toxic compound. Slow cooking beans can lead to food born illness. You must boil or pressure cook your beans.

No soak beans in 1 hour! #stayfitmom #instantpotrecipe #beans

My Instant pot is one of my most used kitchen appliances I can’t live without. If you’re still wondering if you need one, you do. They aren’t scary and they won’t explode in your kitchen. Read more about all the reasons I love my Instant Pot and which one I have HERE. These beans will be ready in 1 hour, start to finish!

No soak homemade beans in 1 hour! #stayfitmom #instantpotrecipe #beans

We use our beans on tacos, in burritos, as a side, and on tostadas. With 8 grams of fiber per serving, they’re a great addition to your day and meals and will quickly help you reach the 25 grams per day fiber goal.

A new shrimp tostada recipe is coming to Ninja Insider this Wednesday! You can learn more about Ninja Insider and joining our macro nutrition community here. A new macro calculated recipe is added to Ninja Insider for members every single week!

No soak homemade beans in 1 hour! #stayfitmom #instantpotrecipe #beans

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No soak homemade beans in 1 hour! #stayfitmom #instantpotrecipe #beans

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