How to Avoid Rebound Weight Gain

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Tracking macros is a big commitment and takes time and effort. Slow, sustainable change takes a lot of hard work, but the rewards of feeling good in our skin while being well-fueled and having endurance for workouts and life’s demands are worth it! So how can we maintain it once we are in that place? 

Know Your Maintenance

First, it is really important to know your maintenance range and happy place. We often come into macros with a very specific scale number in our heads, but as the journey goes you may discover that you find yourself super content ten pounds heavier than you thought. Macros focuses on body composition changes, and as we preserve/build muscle while decreasing overall body fat, it is not uncommon to find ourselves fitting into clothing sizes that would normally require us to weigh ten pounds less. This is because muscle both weighs more than fat, and it takes up less space!!!! That’s macro magic at work! 

Tips for avoiding rebound weight gain.

Set a Realistic Goal Weight

As you determine your maintenance range, have a realistic weight goal. Recognize that this is going to be a RANGE, as we have hormonal natural fluctuations over the course of a month. All women can testify that we can fluctuate from 5-10 pounds over the weeks because of our cycles, so if you have a realistic maintenance range rather than a set scale number, you’ll find it easier to maintain there. Our best lives are not lived at our leanest!! We want a weight range where we can enjoy life, take days off and have some freedom here and there which makes life so much sweeter. You will often hear us say to our clients that hitting your macro numbers 5/7 days of the week is a great place to maintain, provided we stay mindful on those off-days. Take some time to ponder what range keeps you in that sweet spot of having some freedom while still being well–fueled and balanced.

Fall Back on Your Habits

Once you’ve determined your maintenance sweet-spot, let’s talk about habits! What habits have you built to fuel your body for what it needs that can become your default when life gets chaotic (hello summer!!). I love the book Atomic Habits by James Clear…so much of what is in his book parallels what we champion at SFM. Having solid habits that you default to simply because you do them all the time will pay off big when life is busy and the days are full. That could be prepping your post-workout breakfast over the weekend so you can grab it quickly in the mornings, keeping lean protein items stocked in your fridge, filling your water bottle in the morning and chugging 20 ounces before you do anything else, ensuring you get to bed on time more than not…you get the picture!!

Master Social Settings and Meals Out

The next thing to focus on to avoid rebound weight gain is social situations and dining out!!! If you do not learn to master social settings and meals out, you are not setting yourself up for long-term success!! It is easy to hit our numbers when we are only eating out of our own fridge and pantry, but you’ve truly mastered macros when you can accept that invitation out to dinner with friends, and feel confident in your choices. 

If you find yourself avoiding eating out or hanging with friends because you are scared that you won’t be able to hit your numbers, it’s time to get out and practice!!!! We don’t want you to give up girls’ nights, pizza night with your family or vacations and experiences because of hitting numbers…that is not real life and it cause you to lose your joy! Macros is all about giving you the tools to experience food freedom. It should be INCREASING your enjoyment of getting out there and experiencing life, not limiting it! Get familiar with the menus of places you enjoy eating, and find some go-to options that you know you can work into your day without breaking the bank. A grilled chicken sandwich and fries is my go-to if we have to grab fast-food (ditch the fries or even do half if you need to)…it’s not ideal but it beats blowing my numbers! If you’re eating at a sit-down restaurant, look for a lean grilled protein option (top sirloin steak, chicken breast, pork tenderloin, white fish, shrimp), pair it with some steamed or sauteed veggies and add some rice or mashed potatoes to round it out. I love some bbq chicken breast with veggies and a sweet potato! 

Tips for avoiding rebound weight gain.

Strength Train and Move Your Body

Finally, on your quest to avoid rebound weight gain….get some muscle, Mama! Muscle burns more calories than fat! That means that because your body will be burning more calories for every ounce of muscle you have, the more of it you build, the MORE your body has to work to maintain your muscle. All of that equals a higher metabolism, which means we can EAT MORE and maintain our happy place! 

When it comes to building muscle, you get to choose how you do it, but regardless of the route you take, challenge yourself and lift heavy weights! You are so much stronger than you know, but you won’t know until you try! For me, Crossfit has given me the community and accountability to keep showing up and pushing myself. Similar to 1:1 macro coaching, there is just something about accountability that is so encouraging and motivating!!!

Recognize When You Need Support and Accountability

Realizing you need a nutrition coach doesn’t mean you’re failing; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. It shows you’re serious about your health and ready to make positive changes. By seeking out a nutrition coach, you’re taking a smart, proactive step towards better eating habits and a healthier lifestyle. It’s a win because you’re getting personalized advice tailored just for you, which can make a huge difference. So, give yourself credit for recognizing that professional help can get you where you want to be. Reaching out for support is a sign of strength and determination, bringing you closer to the vibrant, healthy life you want. Learn more about our 1:1 coaching program HERE.

You can’t go wrong if you focus on these sustainable commitments as you walk out your journey to your healthiest YOU!!! Solid habits produce sustainable change!

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