Eating Healthy at Carl’s Jr.; What Should I Order?

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It’s been a day of sports, activities, and errands with the kids.  I’m in a pinch and headed to the drive-thru.  Is eating healthy at Carl’s Jr. possible?

Eating healthy at Carl's Jr- What should I order? Love this healthy dining series from


Healthy dining with two little kids at home and a full day of activities can be a struggle.  I really wish I could garden my own produce and eat grass-fed beef for every meal, but in this crazy stage of my life {raising two little ones}, sometimes I’ve got to hit the drive-thru or stop for fast food!

Before our health and fitness guru’s go crazy on us, we are providing you with the following DISCLAIMER:  Yes, eating and prepping home-cooked healthy meals are your best option for weight loss and healthy living, BUT let’s be real… sometimes Mom’s got to take a trip through the drive thru!

Stay Fit Mom is bringing you The Healthy Dining Series.  We are heading into some of the most popular fast food joints and restaurants around the country to share with you menu choices we believe are your best options for maintaining your healthy lifestyle.

Tracy’s Healthy Menu Choice at Carl’s Jr.:

  • Turkey Burger Low-Carb Style (YES, that’s an option!!)
  • Side Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette
  • Unsweetened Iced Tea or Water

Eating healthy at Carl's Jr- What should I order? Love this healthy dining series from

When I go to Carl’s Jr. I order from the Charbroiled Turkey Burgers.  They’ve got several great options to choose from including Jalapeno and Teriyaki.  I swap out the fries for a side salad with Balsamic dressing.  I pair my meals with either unsweetened iced tea or water depending on my mental state.  A little tea pick me-up goes a long way on a crazy day.

Eating healthy at Carl's Jr- What should I order? Love this healthy dining series from

Tracy’s Healthy Options Rating:  I was pleasantly surprised when I saw both a turkey burger option AND a low-carb style option.  With these options, Carl’s Jr. really makes an effort to cater towards a healthier lifestyle for adults.  My only complaint was that the kid menu didn’t offer very many healthy options.  In general, I would love to see Carl’s Jr. offer a large variety of salads, a fresh fruit medley option, and some healthier choices on the kid menu.  Until then, I’m giving Carl’s Jr. a 3 out of 5 star rating.

Eating healthy at Carl's Jr- What should I order? Love this healthy dining series from

Tracy’s Family Friendly Rating:  As for eating In at Carl’s Jr., it doesn’t offer a play place, but the staff was extremely helpful and accommodating with our family.  Our boys were able to sit and even dance around in the fast food joint without getting awkward stares or even a scolding from Mom.  I’m giving Carl’s Jr. a 4 out of 5 star rating for accommodating all of our needs as a family!

Let us know which fast food joints or restaurants you’d like to see in our Healthy Dining Series.

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Eating healthy at McDonald's- What should I order? Love this healthy dining series from

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  1. For tasty healthier options at Carl’s Jr., be sure to check out their secret menu. It’s Carl’s Jr. spelled backwards:

    Where most burger joints have their more indulgent menu items on a secret menu, since Carl’s regular menu is already indulgent, their secret menu has the more “Better For You” items.

  2. wow – well done. I can’t agree with the necessity (I plan ahead to the point of annoying others) but absolutely take your point and love that you are trying to help others whether they put themselves in that situation by choice or by pressure. You hit about 600-625 calories, which is not too bad. The burger is 490, the salad is probably 20, and the dressing is 100-150, with the tea maybe another 5-10. I’d skip the dressing (or keep some balsamic vinegar packets in the car – heat permitting – to avoid the vinegarette). You could also ask for a lemon wedge and squeeze that on the salad (not sure if they have them), or use apple cider vinegar, which doesn’t need refrigerating, making it easier to bring around.

    Still, very nicely done and great intent here. Very helpful