Burpee Run Workout

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Today we’re bringing you a workout that you can do ANYWHERE! Traveling? No problem. Short on equipment? No problem. Need a great workout. No problem. Find all of our minimal equipment workouts here.

SFM Weekly Workout description that includes burpees and running.

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Workout Description

Prior to the workout determine your 100 meter, 200 meter, 300 meter and 400 meter run routes. At the start of the timer complete 5 burpees, then run 100 meters. Next complete 10 burpees then run 200 meters. Next complete 15 burpees then run 300 meters. Finally complete 20 burpees then run 400 meters.

Equipment Needed

None, but don’t forget to designate your distances for the runs.

Modification Options

Beginner: Step down and step up during burpees if needed. Split the run distances in half if you cannot run the distances listed without stopping to walk.

Advanced: Double the amount of burpees each time before the run. Increase each run distance by 100 meters.

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