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It’s not like I can call this macro friendly salsa, most salsa is. There is something special about fresh homemade salsa though. I’m considering buying some cute mason jars and giving this out to friends, family, and neighbors for Christmas this year. THIS would be more macro friendly than the usual cookies or candy we typically get (Which I’m not complaing about, I love holiday goodies, but sometimes we get a lot!).

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Here’s the wide mouth mason jars I’m thinking about getting. Typically Target carries them but I haven’t seen them in stock in a while.

Wouldn’t this be such a cute holiday gift and nice change up from the usual homemade candies, cookies, and other sugary stuff? I think so!

This recipe first appeared in cookbook 2. It’s pictured with Cut Da Carb wraps I sliced up and threw in my air fryer and salted. They’re great, but not something I find myself ordering often. I like to use the salted Popcorners that come in the giant Costco variety pack to dip in this salsa.

Next time you need a little something during the football game but don’t want to break the macro budget, make some salsa!

This recipe is from my Home Cooked Meals cookbook. Check out my newest cookbook below!

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