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Welcome to another weekly workout! This week’s workout isn’t for the faint of heart. If you’ve never done this one before, now is the time! If you don’t have all this equipment (I knot it’s a lot) make it work with what you have. Get creative and feel free to change movements if needed.


for time complete:

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Equipment Needed:

We typically don’t do workouts that require so much equipment. However, you can substitute in anything you have around the house to make this all work. If you don’t have a pull-up bar, do some reverse rows instead.

Plyo Box- great for step-ups if you have one. If not use a bench, sturdy chair, or planter wall.

Barbell or Dumbbells


Wall Ball

Modification Options: Like I said above, sub in what you can if you’re lacking equipment. Feel free to sub in different exercises you’re more comfortable with.

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