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I love a classic 12-15-9 Crossfit workout. This workout can be done with a barbell, dumbbells, sandbag, or anything heavy you can deadlift. Have fun with it and see how quickly you can blow through it!


Complete for time:

  • 21 deadlifts (155#)
  • 21 push-ups
  • 21 goblet squats (34#)
  • 15 deadlifts
  • 15 push-ups
  • 15 goblet squats
  • 9 deadlifts
  • 9 push-ups
  • 9 goblet squats

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Equipment Needed:

Barbell – if you have one, use it!

Adjustable Dumbbells- use a weight you feel comfortable with. You could also use one for the gobet squats

Kettlebell– use this for the goblet squats if you have one.

Modification Options: Be sure to modify this at home workout to your ability level. Use a weight your comfortable with on the deadlifts and can properly perform 21 repetitions in 1-2 sets. Use a lighter kettlebell or dumbbell for the squats if needed.

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