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I know what some of you are thinking… I’m never going to be THAT mom. I thought that too.  If I had a nickel for all the things I said I would NEVER do as a parent (before I actually became a parent) and then turned around and did, I’d be a very rich woman.

My mom always said, “One day you’ll understand.”

For me, that day has come.

I might as well go out and buy myself some mom jeans from 1982 because I have embraced motherhood in every sense of the word.  I choose convenience and practicality over style 9 times out of 10.

The moment you become part of the minivan club, your life changes forever. Simple things like carpools, not whacking the car next to you when your child slams the door open, and road trips are life changing.

If you ask me, the designer of today’s minivan must no doubt be a mother.  Not only are vans today equipped with indoor storage for all the necessities (junk), but they’ve got slide down seats, a convex mirror to see all the naughty things the kids are doing behind you, even a VACUUM!!

Once you join the minivan club, you never go back! Love this from!

I asked a few of my friends to share with me their favorite thing about the minivan life and here’s what they had to share.

Krista: Traveling is SO much easier with a minivan.  I throw everything in and go!  No more Tetris games to get everything to fit.  I can bring everything but the kitchen sink, and then some!

Once you join the minivan club, you never go back! Love this from!

Katie:  I love our minivan because it has so much space.  Unless we have people visiting, we usually pull a few of the seats out so that it feels even roomier.  I swear, we’ve used the van for so many things other than transportation- diaper changing station, picnic area, movie theater, storage unit, and so much more.  I always said that I would never own a minivan, but with three kids, it was a necessity.  I am literally in love with this can!  It’s ridiculous.

Once you join the minivan club, you never go back! Love this from!

Because when you have the room, why not build a ball pit in the back of your van?

Jen:  Oh how I love my mini-van…let me count the ways!

  1. Cost – combine price, gas mileage, and space, and the mini-van blows everything else out of the water. I’m just too cheap to spend more money on less space, and less miles per gallon.
  2.  Space – we have tons of space, but I can still reach my kids and feed them snacks/breakfast, break up fights, or comfort a crier etc. while we are driving around every day.
  3. Convenience – those sliding doors are pretty much the best thing ever. No kids banging other cars with the door, and I can easily wrangle a tantrum throwing toddler into her car seat without us getting hit or squished by the swinging door.

I could go on and on about how much I love my minivan which is so weird to say, especially since I was firmly anti-minivan, but it really does make my life so much easier.  I spend three hours almost every day of the week in my van toting my kids back and forth, so me and the minivan are basically BFFs.

Once you join the minivan club, you never go back! Love this from!

Once you join the minivan club, you never go back! Love this from!

(No more head bobbing or neck aches!  This is my friend, Jen for you.  She’s a GENIUS!)

Chelsea:   With a 14 month old, there is nothing I love more right now than the diaper changing space!  It is so convenient to be able to change her diaper in a pinch with plenty of space!  The overall space of our minivan has always been my favorite feature, and you can’t beat the sliding doors!  Plus CARPOOLING.  I love that I can pick up my good friend, her two kiddos, and go on another sister-wife adventure!

Once you join the minivan club, you never go back! Love this from!

Wether you’re a fan of the minivan or not, life without a car is hard to imagine. I often take the freedom that my car gives me for granted.  I might be titled, “Stay At-Home Mom” to some, but this mom is rarely at home.  From soccer practice, to the repeated trips to the grocery store, to playdates, to travel, our car gives us the ability to live such full, blessed lives.

Keeping our cars in good condition is important to our family. 

The minivan mom life!

 One of the steps we take to ensure our vehicles last as long as possible is getting our routine oil change with Quaker State Oil at Walmart Auto Care Center.

Maintaining the minivan!

(Safety first.)

The auto care center is located next to the tire aisle at Walmart.  The workers are friendly and experienced, and I love being able to get my shopping done while my car is getting worked on; talk about killing two birds with one stone!  Whenever I have a good experience, I love shouting it to the rooftops!

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