Single Serve Meal Prep Recipes

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I have always been team meal prep. I was a teacher for 1o years and I can’t think of very many times I went to work without my lunch packed. Prepping some or all of your meals will save you money, time, and a whole lot of headache. I’ve got plenty of single serve meal prep ideas below to get you started. Utilize them for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner. ​​​​​​​

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The Stay Fit Mom Meal Prep Cookbook is here! Every recipe includes the macro breakdown and can be found in MyFitnessPal for easy logging! 40+ Meal Prep recipes to get you through 5 days of meals!

I started sharing more meal prep videos on TikTok and Instagram Reels in 2020 and they have been a huge hit. Let me quickly answer the most common questions I get about my meal prep recipes:

  • Do you eat these meals for 5 days in a row? Is it safe? Yes. I prefer to make 5 meals on Sunday to last me the work week, Monday through Friday. Keep your prepared meals in an airtight container and you have nothing to worry about.
  • Can you really eat the same thing 5 days in a row without getting sick of it? Yes. If you’re making delicious meals you enjoy, you won’t get sick of them. If you’re tracking your macros and have goals, consistency makes it a whole lot easier. Another option is to prep multiple meals and mix and match. Freeze extras for the following week.
  • Can I freeze extra meals? Absolutely. I freeze any and everything. If freezing a meal with pasta, just make sure to defrost it slowly and don’t stir until it’s warmed up or you’ll have mashed up noodles.
  • Where do you get your plastic meal prep containers? I like these reusable plastic containers because they stack well and hold up for several months at a time.
  • Where do you get your glass containers? I typically find mine for a bargain ($4.99 – $7.99 each) at Ross, TJ Max, or Home Goods. You won’t always find 5 matching containers though. If you prefer to have matching ones, you can get them on Amazon. I have these by Anchor.
  • Are the glass containers oven safe? Make sure the ones you pick say so on the label. Most the ones I see at the store are. Just make sure if you ever freeze your containers you let them defrost a few hours before you throw them in the microwave.
  • Where did you get the veggie chopper? It’s from Amazon and you’ll find it right here. It’s one of my favorite ways to save time when prepping food.
  • Are the macros in MyFitnessPal? Yes. Just like all my other recipes, you’ll find them by searching the food database for, “Stay Fit Mom” followed by the recipe name. Example: “Stay Fit Mom Single Serve Enchiladas” or “Stay Fit Mom Mini Meatloaf.”
  • Do you have a single serve meal prep cookbook? Not yet. I’ll let you in on a secret though: Most my single serve meal prep ideas are recipes right from my cookbooks.

Table of Contents

Single Serve Meal Prep Breakfast Recipes:

Single Serve Meal Prep Lunch or Dinner Recipes:

I hope you love these recipes as much as I do. Tag me on Instagram if you make anything! I absolutely love seeing you guys making my recipes and sharing, it means a lot. I’ll try to keep this blog post updated but be sure to check my TikTok & Instagram for the newest meal prep recipes.

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  1. I made the single serve Buffalo chicken bake and it seems like very huge portions! About how many cups is 30 oz of chicken? Thanks!

  2. Hey,
    I love the chicken pesto bake and how easy it is to make, but I’m a guy and find that it doesn’t always fill me up. Any suggestions for how to tweak the recipe with more rice and chicken?

    1. Hi Pete, I would just suggest doubling the rice & broth and adding as much chicken as you like. So long as you keep the rice and broth ratios the same it should work just fine.

  3. Maybe a dumb question…do you just nuke your meal prepped food at lunch time? Do the vegetables (thinking cucumber and/or edamame) get mushy?

    1. Hi Molly, I do heat these meals up in the microwave before eating. The cucumber will be warm, but it doesn’t get mushy.

  4. Hi – love your single serve meal prep recipes; I can find them in myfitnesspal, but is it not possible to add them to my food diary? I can’t figure it out! Do I have to build the recipe in my food diary or can I import them?

    1. Hi Angie! If you just search in MyFitnessPal “stay fit mom…” followed by the recipe name it will pull right up. Example: “stay fit mom pork enchilada bowls”

    1. Hi Sheryl, Thank you for your purchase. It might have went to your spam folder. I’ll email over a new link for you to download from.

  5. Hey Krista! Is there anyway to view these recipes without and instagram account? Each time I click a link it sends me to a log in page.

  6. I just found your Instagram page and am loving all your content!! I can’t see to find the printed-out recipes anywhere. When I click on the recipes names above it just goes to an Instagram reel showing how to make them. Please help a girl out!!

    1. Hi Susie,
      At this time we don’t have the recipes printable yet, however we just finished the cookbook and it’ll be up for sale by the end of the month with all the recipes plus so many more!

  7. Hi Krista! Your single prep recipes are delicious & inspiring. They keep me motivated and well-fueled in my macros journey! Thank you. What’s the name of the special sauce you get from Costco in your Chicken Burrito Bowls recipe?