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I’m super excited about this week’s Mom Crush!  When the idea first came up of highlighting moms who live healthy lifestyles, I immediateley thought of Lauren, aka @bottlesandbarbells on Instagram.  Lauren, who lives on base in Alaska, is the mommy of 2 adorable little girls.  Like all us moms, Lauren wants to teach her little ones the importance of health and fitness and she has found a great way to do so!  Lauren has kindly agreed to an interview from Stay Fit Mom and we are thrilled!
Inspirational Mommies- Moms who balance family life with fitness

A little bit about Lauren: Lauren likes to share pictures and videos of her and her girls working out in their garage on Instagram and well, we all LOVE it!  
Lots of motivational mommies.  If they can do it, so can I!

Lauren says her little girls love to mimic her in the gym and look forward to their workouts with mommy. Check out some of these adorable clips of her and her mini me’s doing some workouts together.

And another! Seriously, are these not the cutest!?

Lauren Rodgers

One of the things I love about Lauren, besides all the cuteness on Instagram,  is her openness about her fitness
journey.  For 5 years, between high school and discovering she was pregnant with her first child, Lauren suffered from an eating disorder.  Lauren says that she knew she had to change so she could be a better mom and role model for her children.  Clearly, she is succeeding in the role model department.  Lauren says she eats clean foods 90% of the time and makes sure not to restrict any certain foods.  Her diet advice: moderation is key.

Teach your kids the importance of health and fitness and lead by example!

When Lauren moved to Alaska, she discovered that the gym didn’t have any day care.  Lauren’s girls were only 3months  & 18 months at the time so she knew she had to get creative.  Lauren likes to do Crossfit workouts and lots of weight lifting.  On the days she’s feeling less than motivated, and has a hard time fitting in her workouts, she remembers the example she is trying to set for her girls.  Lauren says that knowing she’s teaching them the importance of health and fitness makes it all worth it.

Lauren’s biggest piece of advice for women and other mommies who want to change their lives is to stay consistent and it will become routine.  If you make excuses, you won’t get results.  Once you stick with the program and start seeing results, it becomes addicting.  For more daily motivation from Lauren follow her on instagram @bottlesandbarbells.

 Consistancy is key if you want to see results. This mommy shows us that getting fit is possible after kids!

Huge thank you to Lauren for the interview! Stay tuned for our next Mom Crush Monday post!  You can read about more ladies who are doing amazing things in health and fitness on our Mom Crush tab.  Follow us @stayfitmomblog and @stayfitmom_com on Instagram and on our Facebook page where we love getting personal.  You can also subscribe to Stay Fit Mom for healthy recipes, workouts, and most of all inspiration and encouragement!



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