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If you’re looking for an inspirational woman who will motivate you, look no further.  This Mom Crush Post is near and dear to my heart.  With Mother’s Day up ahead I just couldn’t resist writing up a post on my own mother-in-law, Kathy.  I have to admit, I have hit the jackpot when it comes to mothers-in-law.  I have heard my fair share of mother-in-law horror stories, but boy oh boy, do I count my blessings every time I show up to a family dinner at my in-laws’ house!  Kathy has been such an amazing role model for me in my own life.  She has four children, three of which are boys. Every time we head over for a visit to Grandma’s house with our two wild, dirty, full of energy boys, we feel nothing but love, grace, and understanding.

Inspirational Mommies- Moms who balance family life with fitness

Not only is Kathy a great mom and grandma, she has had an AMAZING fitness journey that is nothing short of inspirational.

I love reading about these inspirational moms that are doing great things with health and fitness on!

Just a little over 9 months ago, Kathy started Kaia Fit at Kaia Fit Las Vegas and the changes I’ve seen in her physical and overall health definitely piqued my curiosity about Kaia Fit.  I interviewed Kathy and I’d love to share a piece of my mother-in-law with all of you today!

1.  What do you love I love reading about these inspirational moms that are doing great things with health and fitness on!most about Kaia Fit?

Kaia Fit is inspirational, motivating and challenging.  What I love the most are the challenging workouts and the progress that is visible, not only in inches and weight lost, but the day to day improvement on certain exercises and my endurance levels.

2.  Tell me about some of the positive results you’ve experienced during KaiaFit.

Positive results are abundant!  Losing 20 lbs since beginning and lots of inches!  Making friends with all the Kaia girls.  One thing that really sticks out to me is my last 5k – my average speed was less than 12 minutes per mile.  And this from someone who could not run 200 meters without stopping just 9 months ago!

I love reading about these inspirational moms that are doing great things with health and fitness on!3.  What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to living healthy?

That still is salty snacks like potato chips and microwave popcorn, 2 of my biggest weaknesses!  During the last BRIK I gave up microwave popcorn completely and have not had any since. As for the potato chips, crackers, etc. I find that I am not tempted if they are not in the house so they have been stricken from the grocery list!  I now try and reach for a handful of nuts (almonds, cashews and pecans) to settle the ‘urge.’

4.  What is the biggest reward that comes with balancing health, fitness, and being a mom/grandma?

I love being able to race the grandkids to the mailbox or around the park and not be left gasping for breath!  Seriously though, the camaraderie between all the Kaia girls is something to behold.  No petty jealousies here!  Everyone gets along and we are always encouraging each other in all aspects of life.

5.  What is your biggest piece of advice for women who want to incorporate health and fitness into their lives?

Too many times moms and grandmas don’t make time for themselves.  Their lives naturally revolve around their job, husband, children or grand children.  My advice would be to always make time for yourself.  This will make your life happier which will result in benefiting all other aspects of your life.  Kaia Fit is ‘MY’ time.  My time for challenging myself to improve at each and every workout, motivating and inspiring my Kaia friends while receiving motivation and inspiration in return.

I love reading about these inspirational moms that are doing great things with health and fitness on!

Seriously.  Can’t get enough of  this mother-in-law of mine!  She is just the cutest and I’m so happy for all her success with KaiaFit!

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  1. Great job Aunt Kathy! I really need to remember that I have took, need to take some time to myself! Love this blog! You are very lucky to be married into this family Tracy! 🙂