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Making sure I get enough protein in my diet has always been a priority for me.  When I look and feel my best its because I’m getting 140-150 grams of protein in my diet everyday (this was pre-pregnancy with the reccomended 1 gram protein/pound in body weight).  When I first decided to focus on my protein intake this seemed like a bizarre amount of protein for one day.  I was doing everything I could to hit that number including 2-3 scoops of protein powder a day. This sometimes wasn’t very enjoyable and rather repetitive.  I am always looking for new products with lots of protein that I can use instead of boring protein drinks all the time.  I’m pretty excited about The Vitamin Shoppe‘s new line of products, ‘The Protein Pantry‘ because they have so many options for easily sneaking extra protein into your daily diet.  The Vitamin Shoppe graciously sent Tracy and I a package of some of their new products for us to try out and share with you.  Here’s a look at what we got!
New Protein Pantry products from The Vitamin Shoppe

Some of the products we received include pancake mix, syrup, nut butters, and muffin mix. My eyes were immediately drawn to the nut butters- My favorite late night treat of all time! These peanut butters from Buff BakeP28, and D’s Naturals are great options because they have 11-14g protein in just 2 tablespoons.  I immediately loaded up a scoop on my spoon and topped with a few dairy free chocolate chips! This was delicious!! I have been seeing this stuff all over Instagram lately and was ecstatic to finally try it.  I already want to order more flavors like cookie almond butter, red velvet, and pumpkin spice. My favorite ways to use nut butters include on a spoon(duh), banana, apple slices, on a plain rice cake, waffles, or a celery stick.

Protein infused nut butter from @buffbake

Included in the new line of products are lots of pancake mixes.  Sometimes I crave some good pancakes but don’t always want to mix up my own recipes. Both MancakesP28, and About Time have some lots of different flavors that are easy to make.  All you have to do is add water or milk to the mix and cook them. Top with some high protein Mancakes high fiber syrup.

Super easy and delicious waffles from @Mancakes

Another product I can’t wait to try is the Flap Jacked Mighty Muffin.  A chocolate muffin in 30 sec!?  This is going to come in handy the next time I’m craving chocolate(which is often). These muffins also come in cinnamon apple flavor.

Lots of great options from Protein Pantry to get more protein in my daily diet

I’m pretty stoked to have so many protein options literally in my pantry ready to go.  I think all these products are are perfect for on the go in your purse or packed for a vacation. For more great ideas make sure to follow our friends @Vitaminshoppe on social media and checkout hashtag #ProteinPantry.
great options for getting more protein in your daily diet

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