8 Great CrossFit Modifications for Pregnancy

CrossFitting while pregnant has helped me maintain my sanity over the past 6 months, and while there are days I feel more like a beached whale than a CrossFit athlete, every time I leave the gym I feel 100% better than I ever have laying on my couch.  These 8 Great CrossFit Modifications for Pregnancy can get you through just about every trimester. Follow us @stayfitmom_Tracy and @stayfitmom_Krista on Instagram and on our Facebook page where we love getting personal.  You can also subscribe to Stay Fit Mom for healthy recipes, workouts, and encouragement! Always consult your health care provider regarding your exercise routine during pregnancy.  We share with our readers what has been successful for us in our own lives. This post contain an affiliate link.  If you purchase something from a link, we could earn a small commission.  This would be at no additional cost to you. It’s always important to listen to your body while exercising, but during pregnancy it’s a MUST.  If you are planning to continue CrossFitting while pregnant, be sure to consider the following. If you’re ever questioning the safety of a movement or the comfort level of your body, err on the side of caution.  You’ll have the rest of your life to … Continue reading 8 Great CrossFit Modifications for Pregnancy