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New Coach Spotlight Whitney Shlesinger

This client spotlight is a special one. Not only are we highlighting Whitney’s incredible transformation story with SFM, but we’re also introducing you to one of the coaches that recently joined the staff!

We love having Whitney on the team. She is not only passionate about being the best version of herself, but she loves encouraging other women to do the same!

What Coach Taeya has to say about Whitney,

“I can’t say enough great things about Whitney as a client! I looked forward to her check in every week. I knew she would be positive, funny, grateful and most importantly responsible on how to make improvements on her following week. She trusted me and the program from day 1 on increasing her overall calories, stayed consistent and man, that has benefited her. Not only is she healthier, having great energy, getting to eat all the things but her abs and muscles are popping!

Whitney has been such a great cheerleader and very informative to all the girls in the group and I know she’s going to be a Phenomenal coach! I’m stoked to have her as my Client but now as teammate as well!”

SFM: Tell us about yourself!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  

Whitney: I am a 39 year old wife and mother, a passionate Penn State University (Industrial Engineering) graduate, an MBA program graduate, a professional dedicated to her career, a fitness enjoyer, and most recently a nutrition coach!  I live in Baltimore, MD with my husband, 4 year old daughter, and 20 month old son and I work for McCormick (spices) as a Cost Savings Portfolio Director. 

SFM: What made you fall in love with Macros & Stay Fit Mom?

Whitney: Growing up I loved playing field hockey and lacrosse and was always really active. After college I found my love for spinning, weight lifting, and even did a few sprint triathlons/bialthons! But I could just never figure out the nutrition part of my life. After I had my daughter I realized I need someone to guide me on how and what to eat in order to achieve the best “new” version of my body. I first experienced macros when my good friend coached me and I saw a lot of success. A few years later when I had my son I knew I wanted to count macros to help me lose the weight I had gained during my pregnancy. At that time a friend was doing SFM and told me to come join her…right away it was magic! The individualized week after week check ins with my coach and the community of newbies and ninjas was the exact environment I needed to thrive and sustain. 

SFM:  We know that you work full time, juggle kids AND macro counting/coaching!  How do you balance it all?

Whitney: Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. Being at home during COVID lock down for 2.5 months working full time and caring for my then 3.5 year old and 10 month old on my own basically taught me that I can handle anything. It’s all about setting realistic expectations and re-defining perfection. It taught me to stop beating myself up when everything wasn’t perfect. I heard someone once say “We only have 100%, not 110%, not 150%, there is only 100% of your time. You have to choose on any given day how you make up that 100%, and some days it will be work that takes the lead, and some days it will be your kids/family, some days it will be getting your workouts in. So I don’t know that there is a balance, but I look at each day as a new day and I balance the most important things for that day and I don’t beat myself up when I don’t get to everything. 99% of the time I log my macros the night before so that I have one last thing to do during the day. I LOVE that I don’t even have to think about it the day of. 

SFM: What’s your workout routine look like?

Whitney: With two small kids and a husband that likes to work out even more than I do, finding time to work out requires planning ahead. At minimum I try to get in three workouts a week. I am still working out at home in my bedroom that is now a bedroom, office, and gym 🙂 Ideally I would do three days min:  3 spin classes and 3 weight work out (upper, lower, full body), but some weeks it’s less if I just have too much going on. 

SFM: You’ve had quite the transformation and you’re even one of our previous challenge winners!  What would you say to women that are fearful to eat more food?

Whitney: I came into the program thinking that I needed to maintain a 1600 calorie eating plan to lose weight. The reality was that when I did that before SFM I was hungry and just pushing through. It worked for the month I did my very first program, and then the hunger became unsustainable. I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know how to increase my macros without feeling like it would wipe away all my progress. That’s why having a coach has been so amazing for me. Through reverse dieting, my coach has worked me up to 1900+ calories and I feel and look happier than when I was eating 1600 calories. My advice is to trust the process, trust your coach, and communicate with your coach where you are struggling. My body wanted food, I didn’t know how to get there alone. I always tell my coach how thankful I am that I stopped having to put those decisions all on myself, instead I now have someone, without my own emotional attachments, to ease me gently to a happy place where I never feel deprived or guilty. 

We are so grateful to have Whitney on the team! Be ready to see her face a lot more around here!

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