How this mommy made fitness a priority and set her goals high!
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Mom Crush Meghan Price

Meet this week’s Mom Crush, Meghan Price!  Meghan is a full time mommy, office manager, and student from Florida.  Meghan competed in her first bikini competition in April and she looked fabulous!  Meghan has shared with us how  being a mom, maintaining a busy schedule, and having fitness goals is not out of reach.

Inspirational Mommies- Moms who balance family life with fitness
 Real Life moms who juggle motherhood and fitness

SFM: Do you work outside the home? What’s your schedule like?
Meghan: I’m a Office Manager and full time student. My day usually consists of waking up at 4am, getting myself and my daughter ready for school/work, dropping her off and getting in some cardio before heading to work( 9-5), go to the gym for another workout, come home and do some homework and then prep my meals for the next day.

How this mommy made fitness a priority and set her goals high!SFM: Fitness of choice?
Meghan: Anything that keeps me interested! I love doing crossfit in my garage at home bc its convenient and fun. But I also have grown to love going to the gym because it is strictly my time to unwind and leave it all at the gym!

SFM: What drove you to become fit/healthy?
Meghan: I was borderline obese at the age 22, before having kids. After having my daughter I was clinically obese and felt horrible about myself. I wanted to have the confidence for myself, more energy to play with my daughter and to be a good example for her.

SFM: What made you decided to get into body building/competetions?
Meghan: I thrive on goals that require me to put up or shut up. It lights a fire of motivation in me. When I don’t have a goal, it is easy to skip a workout or slack off on my nutritional plan. My first goal was to lose all the baby weight and when I accomplished that I knew I needed something to keep me on track and not slip back into my old ways. I am a firm believer in the saying “theres more than one way to skin a cat”. This isn’t the only way to lose weight and stay on track, there are many ways. This works for me and motivates me so I stick with it.Real Life moms who juggle motherhood and fitness

SFM: What has the the experience been like?
Meghan: The experience has been eye opening for me in the sense that Ive learned how my body reacts to food more than ever before. For example, I can feel very clearly how eating carbs vs fats effects me mentally and physically. I’d never experienced the power that food has on my body like that before. It has been an incredible learning experience in terms of mental toughness as well. The physical transformation was obviously the goal, but wasn’t the real prize. The real reward was knowing that I have the power to transform my body into whatever I want with time and dedication. No fitness goal is out of reach as long as you’re willing to put in the work.

SFM: How and why do you incorporate workouts into your busy schedule as a mom?
Meghan: With a lot of help from my “teammate”, aka hubs. =) I have also done everything from workouts in the garage while my daughter naps during the day, to rushing to drop her off at daycare and squeezing in a quick workout before work early in the morning. Where this is a will there is a way!MEGHAN Price3

SFM: What type of foods do you and don’t you eat? Do you follow a specific diet?
Meghan: I am a flexible dieter and don’t consider any foods off limits. Its all a matter of portion control and moderation.

SFM: What’s your biggest struggle, when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle?
Meghan: I have many struggles because it’s not as easy or as glamorous as Instagram would have us believe. The hardest for me I think is going at it alone can be difficult to stay motivated. I think having a gym buddy to stay accountable is a great idea!

What makes balancing health, fitness, and being a mom WORTH it?
Meghan: Looking better and feeling better makes your attitude toward everything else better, including parenting! I have more energy to play with my daughter on the playground and on top of that I am not self conscious the whole time I’m playing around with her. There is no thought of pulling my pants over my love handles or wearing a hoodie because I feel fat in just a t-shirt. I also get to incorporate healthier food options into her meals now that I am more knowledgable myself! There are so many thins that make it all worth it, but little things like that make everyday life with kids so much better.Real Life moms who juggle motherhood and fitness

SFM: What’s your biggest piece of advice for women who want to incorporate health and fitness into their lives?
Meghan: I’d say start small. The lifestyle isn’t going anywhere so don’t overwhelm your body with a sudden 180 degree turn. Gradually build up.

Thank you Meghan for sharing your experience with us!  You can follow Meghan on Instagram @price2getmomfit and check out her brand new website,!

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Real Life moms who juggle motherhood and fitness

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