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  • Mom's who make health and fitness a priority.
    Mom Crush

    Mom Crush Amy Gearin

    What an exciting day here at Stay Fit Mom!  This new Mom Crush post is looong overdue! I mean, back before this woman was even a mom I was crushing hard on…

  • Mom Crush, Uncategorized

    Mom Crush Rachel Edgel

    A new mom crush post is long OVER DUE! First let me say that picking a mom crush is not something I take lightly.  I like to find women who have a story to…

  • Mom Crush Jamie counting macros with
    Mom Crush

    Mom Crush Jamie Gifford

    Everyone needs a friend like Jamie in their life.  I’m lucky enough to call her sister-in-law!  Whenever I’m with Jamie I feel like I can (and often do) pour my heart out.…

  • Mom Crush

    Mom Crush Rebecca Berkabile

    Every time you look at social media you are bombarded with #fitmoms who appear to be flawless and do everything right.  At Stay Fit Mom we don’t want to be another slap…

  • Check out this mom's incredible transformation. Stay Fit Mom interviews Lee Ann about her journey to lose the weight and her decision to have plastic surgery.
    Mom Crush

    Mom Crush Lee Ann Coffer

    I’ve never had a sister, but I think Lee Ann is pretty much as close as I’ll ever get to one.  This girl is my person.  Outside of my husband, Lee Ann…

  • This mom discusses the emotions that come with single mothering.
    Mom Crush

    Mom Crush Sarah Cawrse

    Motherhood is not for the weak.  It’s messy, it’s emotional, it’s frustrating, it’s crazy wonderful, and everything in between.  In December, shortly after several women at our gym announced their pregnancies, Sarah Cawrse…

  • This mom discusses how she is fitter than ever before after having kids!
    Mom Crush

    Mom Crush Elisha Villanueva

    I’ve been following Elisha on Instagram for quite a while now and each time she shares I am SO inspired by her journey!  Not only is her transformation AMAZING, but she is…

  • CrossFit games athlete, Elisabeth Akinwale answers questions every women wants to know from why she continues to compete among the elite, how she balances it all, and how she uses her social media platforms to represent real women.
    Mom Crush

    Mom Crush Elisabeth Akinwale

    Hundreds of thousands of people compete each year in what CrossFitters know as the World Wide Open.  The CrossFit open is the first in a series of events that eventually determine who…

  • How eating Whole30 and paleo changed one woman's life and she lost over 65lbs!
    Mom Crush

    Mom Crush Dawn Nicole

    We have had a blast this month watching amazing women from all over the world rock Whole30 like nobody’s business in our Facebook group.  I love seeing women come together to support each other.  Our Mom Crush…

  • How eating Whole30 changed one woman's life and she lost over 80lbs!
    Mom Crush, Uncategorized

    Mom Crush Amanda Robertson

    This month we are all about the Whole30!  New recipes, shopping lists, menu plan, meal rounds ups, an ever growing Facebook support group, and now a Mom Crush who’s life was changed…