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Healthy Hunger: The Secret to Fat loss.

Hunger is a great sign your metabolism is in healthy working order.  In fact, a lack of hunger is a red flag.  At one of my past nutrition seminars I had a middle aged women raise her hand during the question/answer part of the presentation and ask,

“What if I’m not hungry until about 1pm? I wake up and I’m just not hungry, so I don’t eat.​​​​​​​”

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Molasses Cookies

If you’re looking for something simple to make for friends and family for Christmas this year this is it!! This molasses cookie recipe comes out of one of my grandma’s old church ward recipe books. If you know about these recipe books, you KNOW. Some of the best recipes originated from those books.

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25 Days of Macros Challenge

Join us for our 4th annual Stay Fit Mom 25 Days of Macros Challenge!  It is always such huge hit, and we personally love the accountability this time of year. It’s totally FREE to join and participate. However, each year we gift one of our current registered clients, who completes the challenge, a $200 gift card!!  So as you’re stuffing yourself with turkey and pie the next few days you can mentally prepare for this fun challenge to start Saturday, November 28th!

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Tracking Macros as a Shift Worker

I’ve been a Registered Nurse for nearly 14 years now. I worked the night shift 7pm-7am for over 10 years while my kids were babies and into their primary school days. I recently in the last year switched to the day shift to get my sleep more regulated. I know how hard those 12 hour shifts, which actually are more like 13+ hour shifts, can be on our bodies and our nutrition.

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Crossfit style home workouts that require little to no equipment. #stayfitmom #crossfit #homeworkout

Weekly Workout

I did a filthy 50 workout last week and it was HARD. I wanted to quit more than once. Sometimes a long hard workout is nice to mentally challenge yourself. I don’t think this one is quite as filthy as the one I did last week(mine had wall balls in it, you’re welcome!) but give it a try and let me know!

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Proof of why the scale doesn't determine #fatloss #stayfitmom #macros #macrodiet
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Shut Up and Keep Working

“I’ve been hitting my macros every day for 2 weeks and the scale hasn’t budged. I’m so frustrated.”

“I have too much weight to lose to not see the scale decreasing by now. This isn’t working for me.”

“If I don’t see the number on the scale go down soon I’m done.”

These are common phrases we see often.

Guess what? The scale might not move quickly for you. The scale might not move AT ALL for the first few weeks or even MONTHS when you start macro counting. IT DOESN’T MATTER. THE SCALE ISN’T THE BEST TOOL FOR MEASURING PROGRESS.

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