Tips for Navigating the holidays while macro counting.
Macro Counting

Tips for Navigating the Holidays and Counting Macros

Around this time every year, as we are staring at the QUICKLY approaching holiday season, one of the biggest topics we hear at Stay Fit Mom day in and day out is “how do I navigate this holiday season and still work towards my goals?!?” It’s a VERY real concern for SO MANY WOMEN. There are so many parties and social gatherings, treats and food-based gifts, I just read the other day that we have a candy holiday followed by a pie holiday followed by a candy and cookie holiday followed by a booze holiday. Our celebrations are literally measured by the food we eat when celebrating them.

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How to adjust your macros.
Macro Counting

Adjusting Your Macros

Let’s talk about how to adjust your macros! There can be a number of reasons for adjusting your macros including but not limited to

  • Increases in hunger/
  • Decreases in consistency
  • change in activity level or training
  • pregnant/postpartum/nursing
  • A plateau, the list goes on and on.
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Tips and Tricks to help you succeed with your fat loss goals.
Macro Counting, Meal Plan

Meal Prep Tips and Tricks

Let’s talk practical meal prep tips and tricks that you can implement TODAY that will help you reach your goals! First, let’s just acknowledge that there aren’t enough hours in the day. If your life is anything like mine you’ve got kids running in all different directions for activities which means cooking a meal from scratch every night just isn’t realistic. 

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