Why failure is good and important to macro counting.
Macro Counting

Why Failing is Good and Important

What is failure and why is this an important topic for the Stay Fit Mom community to talk about? 

Failure is defined as, “A lack of success.”

“The state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective.”

We see many clients report “I failed” in their check-ins and to be fair we are measuring our clients’ performance every week across many data points and many opportunities to “fail.”

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Tracking macros > Meal Plans
Macro Counting

More Than Meal Plans

Every month it seems we get clients that are disappointed when they realize our coaching program doesn’t offer a daily meal plan. And believe me, we empathize, because when we were first introduced to macro tracking we went through similar stages of “grief.”

“What?! You’re just giving me a set of arbitrary numbers? I wanted a list of foods to eat. I wanted somebody to tell me when to eat. I wanted a meal by meal guide!

Now I’ve got to figure this all out?!”

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Strategies for a new type of New Years Resolution

Word of the Year

The Stay Fit Mom community is a special one. Through the years we have witnessed woman after woman do remarkable things with their nutrition and life through learning, commitment, hard work, sacrifice, and discipline.  If your eyes have somehow landed you here we already know a bit about you.  For one, you’re a goal setter. You are systematic in how you approach and carry out specific goals that you have for yourself, and while we have great goal setting content (read HERE) that will provide practical help as you head into the New Year, today I’m sharing a big picture strategy, Word of the Year, that has benefited me greatly. If you’re wanting to switch things up from typical “New Year’s resolutions,” join me, as I give you a little personal backstory into my own Word of the Year, but also share some strategies that could help you to formulate your own Word of the Year.

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Tips for post holidays season nutrition
Goals, Macro Counting

Navigating the Post Holiday Season

This is that special time post Christmas and New Years when we are so out of our routine that we aren’t even sure what day of the week it is! It’s the no man’s land of the holiday season where the exhaustion hits and no amount of caffeine can seem to resurrect you! We might have a few lingering plans with friends and family, but for the most part the week is wide open…and we feel disoriented and just so tired!

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Tips for persevering with macros as a busy mom.
Client Spotlight, Macro Counting

Client Spotlight Haley Campbell

If you’re a busy mom feeling overwhelmed at the idea of macro counting Haley’s story is sure to give you encouragement. Her transformation photos are incredible, yes, but more than that her story of the impact counting macros has made with her entire family will inspire you to persevere and see exactly what’s possible.

Meet Stay Fit Mom Ninja Haley, busy mom of four, Air Force spouse, and traveler extraordinaire! When Haley started macro counting with Stay Fit Mom in May of 2021 she was nursing her youngest and not exercising. She was averaging a little over 1500 calories a day.

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Tips for maintaining throughout the holiday season.
Macro Counting

Maintaining During the Holidays

We all know the feeling. We start out in early December (or even before thanksgiving!) FOCUSED and MOTIVATED to continue with our weight loss goals through the month. We will NOT eat the Christmas cookies. We will be strict and disciplined and THIS YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT. And then the parties start. The gatherings of people we love. The treats appear, the food is SO GOOD and constantly saying no seems to make the season LESS. So somewhere before Christmas, we say “SCREW IT”. It’s not fair we have to deny ourselves, it’s the holidays, everyone else is enjoying themselves. So we throw our plan out the window and eat whatever, whenever we like. We reach January 1st feeling bloated and uncomfortable and again, disappointed and frustrated. Which leads us to want to restrict heavily and starts the vicious cycle ALL OVER AGAIN.

But what if there were another way?

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How you know when your macros are in a good place
Macro Counting

The Best Place For Your Macros

No macro calculator or chart on the internet could ever capture the uniqueness that is you. Of course we all have our height, weight and age; that’s pretty black and white, but most of the biofeedback and questions that we ask our clients actually reside in the “gray area.”

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