We are both women who have struggled with our own weight and body image. We have a passion for making health and fitness ACCESSIBLE and DOABLE for the BUSY moms who barely make it through the day without a meltdown.  Why?  Because we are those moms.  

Workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home with little to no equipment required.

Whole30, Paleo, Gluten Free, & Macro Friendly recipes.

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"Thank you ladies so much! We LOVE you guys! Throughout this process, it's been so uplifting to see other women be so transparent about their bodies, success, and failures. This journey has been so much more than just weight loss for me. It's challenged me on every level: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Thanks again for doing what you do!"
Terra Robertson
Former Stay Fit Mom Client
"I started SFM macro coaching in March 2017. Initially I had only planned on doing 1-2, 6 week sessions to get ready for Cancun with my husband. Well those 1-2 sessions turned into 15+ months of continuous coaching! I'm now in the best shape of my life and the best athlete I've ever been in my 30's and after 2 kids!!"
Natalie Herbig
Current Stay Fit Mom Client